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AH33  Northern Lights Mystery Tour 1 Sep 2014 -
15 Apr 2015

Tour highlights
  • Northern Lights in Iceland (Aurora Borealis) 

Experience the mysterious and beautiful Northern Lights in Iceland. Watch their swirling wild dance across the night sky in fantastic shapes and colors. 

The Northern Lights Mistery Tour takes you out of Reykjavik city to the best places to see Northern Lights and witness one of nature’s most spectacular displays.

When to see the Northern Lights
The season for Northern Lights in Iceland extends from the tail end of the summer from September through winter and well into April.

The best time to see Northern Lights is in the middle of winter when the weather is the coldest and when it is the darkest. Crisp cold evenings with skies clear enough to see stars is a prime indicator for auroral activity. 

Where to see the Northern Lights
Iceland lies under the „auroral oval“ which is an oval shaped region around the North Pole where Northern Lights are most frequently seen. In theory this means that Northern Lights are potentially visible from every place in Iceland.

In reality viewing conditions depend on many factors including geography, weather, the time of day and many more. Operating the Aurora for 25 years has tought us a thing or two about this elusive phenomenon and how to decide where each trip will lead us for the best possibilities to see the Northern Lights. 

Tour details

Daily at 21:00 from 1. September - 14. September 
Daily at 20:00 from 15. September - 14. March
Daily at 21:00 from 15. March - 15. April
Daily at 19:00 from 15. October - 15. March


Book online
Up to 90 minutes (1.5 hours) prior to departure.


Daily. 1 September - 15 April

We reserve the right to cancel this tour if weather conditions are not favorable for watching the Northen Lights. A decision is taken daily at 6 pm whether the Northern Lights tour will run or not and all hotels and booking agents in Reykjavik are informed of our decision by email. 

Please note:  We cannot guarantee sightings even if the Northern lights tour is operated. In these cases we offer our customers a second tour free of charge. Please book the second tour by calling our tour desk at 540 1313.


Tour details

Days of week:
Departure times
Free hotel pick-up service
Pick-up: 18:30/19:30/20:30
3 - 5 hours
Travelling with children
Child (0 - 11): FREE
Youth (12 - 17): 50% off

Price: 6.400 ISK
location of tour
Customer reviews

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Trevor Robertson wrote:
Second attempt but our persistence paid off....saw an absolutely magnificent display right overhead. Can honestly say it was a magical couple of hours. The evening was perfect.

malcolmson wrote:
Managed to see the lights was lovely but cold!
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Trevor Robertson wrote:
Second attempt but our persistence paid off....saw an absolutely magnificent display right overhead. Can honestly say it was a magical couple of hours. The evening was perfect.

malcolmson wrote:
Managed to see the lights was lovely but cold!

Watts wrote:
Staff tried hard to get us a good view of the Lights, just rather unhelpful weather

@Greywanderer wrote:
We did two trips on consecutive nights. The first was splendid - the second was brilliant. On the first night we were taken to a cafe several miles from Reykjavik where we didn't have long to relax and enjoy refreshments. By 10pm guides announced that the aurora was visible and we all rushed out into the freezing darkness to marvel at the spectacle. We were impressed - the guides less so. They ushered us into the buses and rushed us to a new location, along rumbling gravel tracks to a car park overlooking a mountain lake where, indeed, the show was much clearer. Clearly, the staff know their trade. After a while it was time to go home, but on the way the light show developed into something much more impressive, and a further, unscheduled stop was made. At this, the staff were satisfied that we had seen the lights properly. Up to this point, they told us, we would have been entitled to a further free tour - valid for two years - because the light show that had previously thrilled us was only just good enough. On the second night we went to the same cafe and had to wait much longer. We were on the point of leaving when the heavens burst into light and we were treated to the full works - shifting curtains of green, purple and red radiance. We had no need to move on. The guides were brilliant, explaining patiently, advising on photography and answering all questions. Our only grumble is about our fellow passengers. They were asked repeatedly NOT to use photo flash, yet there was so much flashing of cameras and flashlights that it was difficult to get our eyes properly accustomed to the darkness without moving well away from the main crowd. Meanwhile some of the staff were busy taking amazing photos of the lights - and guests - which now appear on the Gray Line web site. This trip was really good, and worth the money, but if you do decide to try it, please leave your flashlight in your pocket and make sure the flash on your camera is off, off, off.

Taishi Yahara wrote:
Thank you to the professional guides! It was just 1st/Jan. I and my wife really enjoyed the northern lights.
Nafn wrote:
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